Total Trainer Power Pro

The monorail and cushion have both been lengthened to provide more room and comfort when performing exercises with your feet on the cushion. This added level of comfort will help you breeze through your workout routine.

Total Trainer Power Pro

Introducing the newest member of the Bayou Fitness family … the Total Trainer Power Pro®. Our new aluminum monorail design on this rugged light institutional home gym supports 500 pounds.The monorail and cushion have both been lengthened to provide more room and comfort when performing exercises with your feet on the cushion. This added level of comfort will help you breeze through your workout routine.

Some of the features and attachments include the Bicep Power Flex, quick release pulley system, Pro AB Strap, bicep curl press bar, deluxe chrome pull-up push-up bar, deluxe 2″ double stitched box cushion, chrome twin handles, a chrome power bar for adding free weights, sit-up foot trays, an extra large heavy duty squat board and dual leg cuffs. This comprehensive package offers the user a higher level of performance unmatched in the industry.

Product Features

  • Fully Assembled
  • 12 Levels of Resistance
  • Aluminum Monorail Design
  • Extra Large Glide Board (14″ x 48″)
  • Roller-bearing Rollers
  • Quick Release Pulley System
  • Lift from 6% to 72% of Your Body Weight
  • Deluxe 2″ Double Stitched Box Cushion
  • Embroidered Logo
  • 4 Point Pulley System
  • Dual Glide Board Pulleys
  • Four Program Cards
  • Instructional Manual and Guide
  • Oversized Castors for Easy Transport
  • Folds for Easy Storage
  • Future Upgrade Capability
  • Strength Training DVD
  • 500 lbs User Weight Capacity
  • 6′ 8″ Max User height
  • All Accessories Included

Do I have to pay for the accessories like your competitors?

No! All of the following accessories are included with the Power Pro Total Trainer, so you get everything you need for one low price.

  • Chrome Plated Pull-Up Push-Up Bar
  • Power Bar
  • Ab Pro Strap
  • Sit-Up Foot Trays
  • Bicep Power Flex
  • Twin Handles
  • Extra Large Squat Board
  • Dual Leg Cuffs
  • Bicep Curl Press Bar
  • DVD

What makes the Power Pro different from the other Total Trainer units?

The Total Trainer Power Pro has a few unique design differences including:

  • Aluminum Monorail Design
  • Roller-bearing rollers for a smooth quiet glide.
  • 12 levels of resistance for maximum training
  • Foot Trays for locking you in during leg and ab work.
  • The highest weight capacity of any other Total Trainer. It can hold up to 500lbs.
  • Allows for users up to 6’8″ to use the machine.

Do I have room for a Power Pro in my home?

Absolutely! The Total Trainer® Power Pro folds and rolls for easy storage. Other machines are complicated to learn and cannot be tucked away. It easily folds up in a matter of seconds and rolls for trouble free storage.

Why does the Total Trainer Power Pro cost so much less than the competitors infomercial model?

Bayou Fitness doesn’t spend tons of money on mass marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements. The savings are passed on to you, so you can afford a piece of quality equipment.

How do I know if the Power Pro is right for me?

You can view the comparison chart online. Here you would look at the roller systems and choose between ball bearing or non-ball bearing. Next you would look for the unit that meets the height and weight capacities of the primary users. Finally you should choose the unit that includes the desired accessories.

What type of assembly is required for the Power Pro?

Zero! The Power Pro Total Trainer will arrive fully assembled.

What do I pay for shipping the Power Pro?

Nothing! All Total Trainers are shipped free. (a $50.00 Value)

Why does a Total Trainer use a rope for the main pulley assembly rather than a cable?

This was a decision that was researched carefully before it was made. The rope used on all Total Trainers is a static rope (used for ascending or repelling in rock climbing). These are ropes with solid nylon cores surrounded by a decorative nylon rope braid. These do not stretch and are nearly impossible to break cleanly. When a cable is used on a product that requires multiple passes through a sealed steel pulley (such as exists on a Total Trainer), the rubber coating on the cable is very susceptible to shredding or tearing. This rubber coating will also crack and splinter over time. The addition of the four point pulley assembly also necessitates the usage of more flexible ropes as the ropes will spend time crossing the body when in a supine position. If cables are used for this, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Where can I purchase the Total Trainer Power Pro?

You can view more information and purchase you Total Trainer Power Pro directly from Bayou Fitness. There you can access Live Chat and speak to a Service Rep to help answer any questions you may have. Also, Bayou Fitness ships all Total Trainers ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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