Leg Cuff Strap

The included Leg Cuff Strap is a great accessory for a complete leg workout

The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer series is routinely praised for its superior upper and lower body work. While this aspect of Total Trainers is widely known, what often goes unheralded is the highly effective core work made possible by the sit-up cuff strap attachment. The addition of ab work to the Total Trainer’s offerings only makes it an even more valuable home gym component, melding with its penchant for saving space by consolidating some of the best fitness regimens into a single piece of equipment.  Its ergonomic construction lets users place emphasis on smooth and precise movements, engendering targeted workouts even better than those which would occur on individual machines designed for that sole purpose. This convenience makes the DLX Total Trainer a prime investment for those seeking to tone an array of muscles through a diverse exercise selection. The inclusion of attachments like the sit-up cuff strap only enhances the formidable fitness horizons that the Total Trainer places within the grasp of each of its users.

Utilizing this sit-up attachment ensures your midsection gets in on the action, letting it participate in the overwhelming improvement experienced by the rest of the body courtesy of this equipment’s sterling functionality. No longer will you need a standalone ab bench: the DLX Total Trainer’s glide board acts as a more than capable substitute as sit-ups are churned out at angle of your choosing. Challenging or a breeze, a steep incline or an ever so slight angle: the difficulty or ease of ab work can be fashioned as you see fit.

This ability to adjust the difficulty level is one of the equipment’s most attractive attributes, making for greater personalization potential while doing sit-ups with the cuff strap properly attached. The option is yours to make the exercises tougher by adjusting the glide board’s angle if sit-ups on the Total Trainer are requiring only a minimal expenditure of effort.

Sit-ups are performed while the back rests on the glide board and feet are fastened  with the Velcro sit-up cuff strap. It wraps around the ankles and tightens to hold them in place, allowing the upper body to be bent so you can go about sculpting abs into their finest shape to date. You will be facing the opposite direction that positioning for squats requires. The glide board provides welcome support for the back as a sit-up routine is navigated through, rendering arcane the worry about aches which naturally stem from doing sit ups on a mercilessly hard gym floor.

No longer will a sore back and lingering stiffness greet you with the conclusion of each round of ab work; these are avoidable and not a necessary side effect of sit up repetitions. They are merely the natural outcomes of doing crunches on the floor and, though those unfamiliar with the Total Trainer or sit-up cuff strap might find it a stretch to believe, are not prerequisites to acquiring washboard abs. Quality ab work can if fact be done on a surface that keeps the back comfortable. This attachment will let you consistently churn out sits-ups on the same glide board that makes possible so many of the other gravity resistance exercises enjoyed by Total Trainer users. Core work is a linchpin of Total Trainers that needs to be taken advantage of in order to unleash the maximum potential of these machines.

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