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Your Total Trainer will come with a variety of accessories at no additional cost.

Harnessing your own body weight for resistance during exercise can prove to be a major aid in maintaining the tone of muscles and protecting against their atrophy. Workouts utilizing this concept also go by the name of gravity resistance exercises, and their quality is taken to the next level with the Total Trainer Home Gym product line. Running the gambit from ab and lower body work to bicep exercises, these machines pioneer a new plane in the field of gravity resistance training.

Enhancing the Total Trainer’s muscle strengthening ability is its inclusion of the Power Bar, an attachment that can be found on each of the Total Trainer models. It consists of two bars protruding from underneath the glide board, with an appearance resembling that of a weight rack. Plate weights are loaded on the two bars that jut from the machine to all for users to step up the difficulty level of their regimen. Collars hold the plates in place while you encounter more pushback, going beyond the 69% of body weight that is worked against when resistance is set to its highest level. Moving the glide board up and back down again while feet are resting on the heavy duty leg press board is a much more challenging proposition when standard free weights are present on the Power Bar. It will help tremendously with squats, bicep curls, or calf raises when muscle gain, and not maintenance of the status quo, is the goal.

You can combine an elevated resistance level (which can be set from 1 to 12 depending on the Total Trainer model) with free weights to create a formidable lifting task during upper and lower body repetitions. Squats enhanced by plate weights will be a safer venture thanks to the Total Trainer’s lockout capabilities and excellent ergonomics that ensure smooth and precise movements. Elimination of the need for a spotter makes Total Trainer squats an appealing alternative to free weights;  the equipment’s design will guard against loss of balance and the injuries that can ensue.

Although this attachment comes with every Total Trainer, you will need to supply standard weight plates of your own. The Power Bar is not compatible with Olympic size weights.

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