Total Trainer Workout Routine

Being able to engage in a full body workout without stepping foot outside of home is an appealing thought.

Being able to engage in a full body workout without stepping foot outside of home is an appealing thought. Establishing an exercise regimen from the living room that leaves no fitness box unchecked is a great thing, but doing it all from a single machine? Skeptics might wonder if this is attainable, which is reasonable considering all the claims the fitness world puts out. But it certainly is possible to receive a full body workout from a single piece of home fitness equipment when you begin a Total Trainer workout routine. The Total Trainer gives you the means to achieve quality cardio and strength training on a single piece of fitness equipment.

When we picture a full body workout, the initial thought is one of the numerous pieces of equipment and fitness tools we need to purchase. This can be overwhelming, but unnecessary, with a Total Trainer workout routine. Using nothing more than the gravity resistance provided by each user’s body weight, Total Trainer home gyms provide excellent exercises of the upper body, core, and lower body. Differing resistance levels are a popular component, with each level determined by the percentage of body weight you select. Because of such customization, a Total Trainer workout routine provides calibration to suit individual preference; a one size fits all approach is not a part of the deal. The pulley system present on each model further upgrades your fitness regimen, doing away with the inefficiencies of home gyms whose ergonomics are less advanced.

Targeting the upper body is made possible by the Pull-up/Push-up Bar and Twin Handle attachments, included to ensure a diverse number of arm, shoulder, back, and chest workouts are available to each user. The Bicep Curl bar lets you go further in strengthening and toning arms during the course of a Total Trainer workout routine. Lower body work is tended to by workout enhancers such as the Extra Large Squat Board and Dual Leg Cuffs. As evidenced by the contributions made to the midsection of the body by the Ab Pro Strap and Sit-up Foot Trays Ab, ab and core work is a great feature of these home gyms’ functionality. Included to let you perform sit-ups solo and from the comfortable surface of your glide board, these attachments will leave you with an abdomen that is chiseled and beach-ready.

And you cannot bring up a Total Trainer workout routine without mention of its Pilates capabilities. The Pilates Reformer Home Gym Pro and Pilates System, true to their names, allow a Pilates routine to be developed while keeping intact the Total Trainer’s other fine fitness elements. Whether you are after tone or bulk, hoping to see strength maintained or strength gained, or simply wanting a low impact cardio workout, beginning a Total Trainer workout routine is going to be one of the best decisions you ever made.

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