Easy Storage

Easy Storage is just one of the features that makes the Total Trainer perfect for any home

The last thing any of us want is useless, bulky fitness equipment that ends up sitting around the house and never getting used. Something just does not seem right about these investments in our fitness simply collecting dust and getting in the way. This even holds true for workout machines that we use regularly: we don’t want them cluttering up the living room when not in use. But with the Total Trainer, worries about the challenges of storing your equipment will be nonexistent; the headaches from lugging around immobile fitness products can be made nothing more than a memory. Scooting it in and out of you exercise room is made pain free courtesy of the transport wheels present on the bottom of the frame.

The transition is quick and easy; simply fold your Total Trainer and roll it to the intended destination. No need to leave your fitness equipment sitting idly by, obstructing your path and causing overcrowding; convenience is maximized thanks to this helpful Total Trainer feature. These transport wheels will not leave scratches or marks on the floor.

Designed to let you make economical use of space, the wheels allow your Total Trainer to be briskly rolled out of the way until the next exercise session. You can even grip the locking storage handle while the equipment is rolled, giving you the means to keep a solid hold as the unit is stored away. Total Trainers are not only at the top of their class during workouts, but they also outpace the competition when it comes to post-workout storage as well.

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