Dual Leg Cuffs

Strengthening hips and hamstrings are a natural byproduct of utilizing the Dual Leg Cuffs

The emergence of a fit and sculpted lower body will naturally stem from dedicated sessions on a Bayou Fitness Total Trainer. This will hold true whether you are working with an earlier Total Trainer DLX Home Gym or the more recent Total Trainer Power Pro; you are going to be satisfied with the undeniably solid results it produces. The Dual Leg Cuff attachment that comes with the Total Trainer product line is one of the greatest enablers of a leg shaping workout, going above and beyond the rest of the industry’s offerings. These two cuffs allow you to place focus on strengthening one leg at a time or both simultaneously. They are used while you lie on the glide board for support; they can be strapped on while you are on your side or back. Simply strap the Leg Cuffs around one or both ankles, then move the leg at such an angle to increase flexibility and facilitate the emergence of sightly lower body muscles.

Strengthening hips and hamstrings are a natural byproduct of utilizing the Dual Leg Cuffs, allowing goals to be reached at a pace and speed of your selection. This is made possible since the cuffs function in unison with the Total Trainer’s impressive number of resistance levels, providing you with exercises ranging from minimal to maximum difficulty. The efficient pulley system that the leg cuffs attach to makes your lifting concise and targeted. Thighs will acquire desirable shape, while glute muscles receive excellent work that creates undeniably improved definition. Possessing the means to zero in on muscle groups that need the most work is a major step forward in forging a more conditioned body. It will aid your quest for a fit and sleeker lower  body: physical improvements brought to you by way of an all purpose home fitness machine will not go unnoticed by even the least observant friend or family member. And to think: all of these advancements will be made abundantly possible without having to exit the confines of your own cozy living room.

The Dual Leg Cuffs also help to maximize muscle tone through a Total Trainer Pilates routine. They impart expert functionality to this valuable fitness regimen, only adding another credible layer to their penchant for achieving profitable results. Failure to avail yourself of the benefits offered by these cuffs would simply be a pointless stiff arming of the potential to upgrade your lower body’s appearance that the Total Trainer is brimming with.

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