New Year’s Resolutions

The power is in your hands to make 2011 the year you follow through on the resolution to realize your body’s full potential.

One of the most commonly abandoned New Year’s Resolutions is the commitment we make to improve our physical shape. Far too often we begin each January 1st ready to sculpt our bodies into their finest looking condition to date. Unfortunately, these lofty goals always seem to fall by the wayside by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around (if it even lasts for that long.)

This frequently occurs due to our expectations that results should be seen quickly. Though we start out with the best of intentions, many of us become discouraged when changes do not occur a rapidly as we would like for them to. This is only natural; we work hard and naturally expect an outcome reflecting the effort we put into it. Often, we throw up our hands in defeat, figuring the time invested does not appear to be paying off in any tangible way.

But this year can be different. With the Total Trainer system, a method of exercise exists that allows us to actually witness the production of excellent results, making possible a routine that leaves the body noticeably better off than it was at the year’s beginning. This stellar home gym combines quality craftsmanship and an impressive variety of exercises to meet your demands for visible improvements that will not escape the notice of friends and family. The process of getting in shape that proved so avoidable in the past will be a successful and enjoyable experience on the Total Trainer.

Its compact frame, quality design, and painless portability make it perfect for home use: easy storage and gainful workouts ensure it will never become a burden on your house’s limited space. This exceptional functionality means you now have zero incentive to call your routine quits due to inconvenience or burdensome usage; keeping your exercises going year round will be a much easier process thanks to this. Additionally, extreme temperatures or inclimate weather will no longer prevent you from reaping the benefits that an outdoor run or weightlifting session at the gym would provide. This is all at your fingertips from the familiar confines of your living room.

It is compatible with attachments to ensure you add tone or bulk to any muscle group you desire, melding together the top aspects of numerous other routines and equipment. You can intensify it beyond gravity resistance by adjusting the resistance levels or sliding your plate weights onto the Power Bar; the Total Trainer system is going to be the vehicle to arrive at your destination whether you resolved to add tone or bulk. While most equipment only lets you narrowly focus on one muscle group or another, the Total Trainer’s design will let you have the comprehensive workout that had seemed out of reach in prior years.

And if larger or leaner muscles are not enough, you can even perform Pilates and upgrade your flexibility on this machine! The power is in your hands to make 2011 the year you follow through on the resolution to realize your body’s full potential.

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