The Total Trainer comes with the following attachments at no additional cost to you.


The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer comes with various included accessories and features.

Deluxe Chrome Plated Pull-Up Push-Up Bar

This attachment is used for an assortment of upper body exercises including: pull-ups, chin-ups, shoulder press, behind neck press and push-ups.

Bicep Curl Press Bar

One of the most popular attachments is the Bicep Curl Press Bar. This bar is interchangeable with the conventional twin handle system, which makes the Total Trainer® more versatile.

Power Bar

The power bar allows you to add standard free weights to the Total Trainer®. Advanced users often add weight to increase the resistance while performing exercises such as leg squats, calf raises, etc.

Advanced Ab Pro (Sit-Up) Strap

The Pro AB strap has been reshaped & lengthened to give you more control. This new creative design gives a more comfortable feel to the shoulders and neck while allowing you to concentrate on developing tighter, more defined ABs. (not included with the DLX and 4000XL models)

Sit-Up Foot Trays

The sit-up foot trays will accommodate most shoe sizes and are used for sit-ups, leg curls and rowing exercises. This feature is standard equipment and only available on the Total Trainer Power Pro® gyms.

Toe Bar

This is a great attachment for Pilates and more.

Bicep Power Flex

Helps concentrate on developing you biceps during curls. ( Power Pro and DLX-III models only )

Twin Handles

The independent twin handles are are interchangeable with the Bicep Curl Press Bar.

Heavy Duty Squat Board

The extra large squat board is 5 1/2″ taller and 4″ wider than the standard squat board. This upgraded attachment is included with the Chrome DLX-III and all Total Trainer Power Pro® gyms and is used for leg squats, calf raises and many other exercises.

Dual Leg Cuffs

Testing has shown that the safest and quickest way to reshape and define your hips, thighs and buttocks is by concentrating on one muscle group at a time.

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