About the Barry Method with Total Trainers

Barry brings and entirely new concept to light creating a 21st century fitness and rehab program that redefines the meaning of the science of exercise.

Barry Method is a unique combination of yoga, Pilates and a concept Barry calls “Muscle Memory Contact™”, on a gravity sliding system, The Total Trainer.

The Barry Method goes beyond muscle isolation using visual cues to connect the mind and body and create harmony. Imbalance causes pain and sickness; The Barry Method alleviates stress for the body’s organs, muscles and joints and even blood. This results in an overall harmonious muscle and body alignment. The beauty of this functional training concept is that it works for just about anyone. Maximum physical movement efficiency is achieved from the The Total Trainer.

Health Benefits Using The Barry Method include:

  • The weight bearing exercises help build stronger bones while improving flexibility in the joins and muscles.
  • Improve balance helping the body to resist slips and falls that could lead to injuries especially in the aging population.
  • People of all ages and conditions can use this program effectively.

“One of my goals is No Pain Is Gain. I never allow my clients to have pain, if they have pain, we’ve lost the battle,” says Barry.

Barry’s specific exercises allow for unrestricted movement. These protocols, unlike free weights, lengthen and strengthen muscles. This enhances overall mobility and balance by relieving the pressure that can develop in joints and ligaments. The approach allows the body to recruit multiple muscle groups in each exercise. Barry Method students discover the functional stability necessary to properly increase their flexibility and strength. At the same time, their body composition and integrity is restored.

Students end up with “smart” balanced muscles. The Barry Method allows people to regain fitness and return to sports recreational activities and work activities with increased performance and lower risk of injury.

“With The Barry Method, Colette blends yoga and Pilates routines while working on a gravity machine. Using The Barry Method, her Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis patients have experienced remarkable improvements in their muscle function,” says Dr. Tara Devi, O.M.D., Dipl. C.H., Dipl. O.B., Certified Iyenger Yoga Instructor.

About The Barry Method:
Created by fitness guru Colette Barry, The Barry Method is a newly devised fitness program using a unique combination of yoga, Pilates and Barry’s Muscle Memory Contact on a gravity sliding system provided by Total Trainer. Healthy Fit Studio is the realization of Barry’s dream to promote healing and health. The online programs include a membership and certifications programs and DVDs.

Barry brings and entirely new concept to light creating a 21st century fitness and rehab program that redefines the meaning of the science of exercise. For more information on The Barry Method visit their website at Healthyfitstudios.com.

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